Oven Above The Pub Revisited

Exploring Oven Above The Pub, Six Months Later

It’s been six months since our first visit to Oven Above The Pub for the soft opening of the new Marshfield restaurant, and we’re pleased to report that the restaurant has definitely come into its own since then.

For nearly 20 years, the upstairs of Blue Heron Brew Pub was known as “West 14th,” a fine dining establishment perfect for a romantic night out or the company holiday party. In September of 2016, West 14th transitioned into the facility’s catering arm, with “Oven Above The Pub” becoming the new upstairs restaurant.

Featuring a new Forno Bravo wood/gas fired oven, the bright-red addition to the facility helps craft delicious flatbreads and other appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Patrons have the option of sitting at the bar to watch their food being prepared, or relax at one of the tables.

At first, as the restaurant transitioned from fine dining into something new, the Oven Above The Pub seemed to be struggling to determine its identity. Now, with a clear personality, the culinary experience is even more enjoyable.

Start your meal with small plate options, including Wisconsin Oven Cheese Fries or Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms. Entrees include “Fired Up Entrees” like Seafood Mac & Cheese, Elk Chili, Barramundi, and Honey Glazed Salmon.

“Grains & Greens,” such as Fire Roasted Squash & Farro, Glazed Salmon & Quinoa, and Above The Pub Caesar, meet any grain or salad-lover’s dreams.

The Sweet Italian

Lastly, the “Oven Rounds” fulfill the pizza-like menu offering expected from an establishment with such an incredible oven on the premises. With options like the “Italian Forager” (Italian sausage, mushrooms, pesto, cheese), “The Popper” (pickled jalapenos, cream cheese spread, candied bacon, cheddar jack cheese, and shredded crispy potatoes), and “Choking the Sprout” (Cream cheese spread, artichokes, brussels sprouts, Jameson infused red onions), there is truly something for everyone.

Kids can enjoy cheese pizza or mini mac & cheese. An added bonus, all sauces, breads, oven rounds, and pickled vegetables are made in-house.

Like its downstairs counterpart, Oven Above The Pub’s menu is continually evolving, allowing for new favorites to join the regular staples and ensuring that each visit offers the chance to try something different.

With chic overhead twinkle lighting, local artwork on the walls, modern music, and brown paper-covered tables (with a crayon supply for coloring), the decor strikes the perfect balance of classy and comfortable. Staff are especially excellent, with the skills and knowledge to offer food recommendations along with top-notch service.

Open Monday-Saturday, 5:00-8:30pm, the Oven Above The Pub is a unique dining experience you’ll want to try with family or for your next date night.