About University of Wisconsin- Marshfield/Wood County

Meet UW-Marshfield/Wood County

Start or finish a degree at the UW-Marshfield/Wood County while taking advantage of the lowest tuition in the University of Wisconsin system. Located on Fifth Street, the college is one of thirteen freshman/sophomore campuses in the UW-Colleges and is part of the North Region in that system. Founded in 1963, it averages about 650 students with a notable nontraditional presence: about 25 percent are 22 or older.

UW-M/WC offers the beginning coursework for over 200 majors. Before transferring to a four-year university, students can cover the school’s general education requirements by earning an Associate of Arts and Science degree. UW-M/WC also offers collaborative bachelor’s degrees with four-year universities, the Bachelor’s of Applied Arts and Science degree, and certificate programs.

The campus is a strong promoter of the arts, hosting many plays, art exhibits, and concerts. It maintains a community presence with its Continuing Education programs and events like the annual cultural fair. Various youth programs are typically offered in summer and include theatre, gymnastics, and babysitter training.

The UW-M/WC campus consists of three main buildings that are now connected. A new STEM building began construction in fall 2016. The campus is partially surrounded by a 140-acre arboretum, which preserves a portion of the vegetation that once covered Central Wisconsin.

The benefit of a community campus is the affordability it offers local residents, especially recent high school graduates who can save on student housing by choosing to commute from home. With thousands of dollars in savings, this can mean the difference between affording college and not affording it.

Prospective students can apply at http://marshfield.uwc.edu/admissions/application. Get a feel for the campus by attending Campus Preview in the fall or spring, or by scheduling a tour.