Oven Above The Pub – Review

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Replacing West 14th Restaurant (located above the Blue Heron Brew Pub in the historic Parkin Place), the “Oven Above The Pub” aims for a more casual setting and a different dining experience for Marshfield residents. We explored it during the restaurant’s soft opening…

theovenmenuAs before with West 14th, the service at the upstairs Pub restaurant is top-notch. The waitstaff is friendly, welcoming, and attentive. Food and drink arrive promptly and politely, and diners feel like they are appreciated.

The focal point of the restaurant is the 5,800-pound titular gas-fired oven, a masterpiece bright red in color and hand-made in California specifically for the Pub. Diners can witness their food being cooked- if they choose to pay attention- as the oven is technically in view of the dining area, though tucked away a bit behind the bar area.

Aside from the beautiful oven, the decor itself is a work in progress. Lighting is a bit dim and there aren’t many adornments on the walls. As a big fan of the Brew Pub downstairs, the atmosphere upstairs is muted by comparison. As the restaurant evolves, this is expected to be updated.

The Ancient Skillet
The Ancient Skillet

Now, for the menu itself. With small plate options, grains, greens, entrees, and flatbreads, the menu is similar in capacity to the former West 14th. Though limited, the options available are unique to Marshfield. Farro, one of the most ancient (and healthiest) grains known to mankind, is highlighted in several dishes. Quinoa is also prevalent. Entrees include house-smoked meats, and all sauces, demi-glaces, and pickled vegetables are made in-house. The seafood mac & cheese, glazed salmon and quinoa, and barramundi provide tasty seafood options.

While delicious, portion sizes are smaller and more expensive than those downstairs, offering a more upscale dining experience.

Margarita Flatbread
Margarita Flatbread

After discussion with other diners, a common theme emerged. Upon hearing that there is a giant oven upstairs, one would assume that pizza would be a prevalent menu item. However, the actual menu features “flatbreads” more akin to a small, thin personal pizza-type dish. While tasty and fresh, there are currently only six flatbread options from which to choose and they are not quite filling for the price. Current flatbread options include margarita, italian forager, sweet smoke-house, three-cheese, the big baja, and funky monkey (with the latter more of a dessert than a dinner option).

As a fan of the Brew Pub and the former West 14th Restaurant, there is a strong desire for the Oven Above The Pub to succeed. In order to do so, however, there needs to be a journey of discovery for this new restaurant. Is it upscale dining or casual dining? Is it family-friendly or more formal?

The Oven Above The Pub is scheduled to open Monday, September 12th, with a special grand opening celebration set to take place in late October. We are excited for the grand opening, as we believe there are still a lot of new entrees to discover. As the restaurant explores ways to provide the perfect atmosphere, we are eager to go on that journey with The Oven Above the Pub.