Photography Event Focuses on Downtown Marshfield

Photowalk Brings Together Photography Lovers Worldwide

Like photography? Grab a camera and discover interesting subjects to photograph in Marshfield with a group of fellow enthusiasts this October.

The Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk, now in its tenth year, brings photographers together to test their cameras, share tips, and have fun while making new friends. Anyone, regardless of skill or type of camera, can participate in this free event, which attracts thousands of participants worldwide over hundreds of walks.

The Photowalk in Marshfield will be on Saturday, October 7 from 9-11 a.m. Hardacre Park, on the corner of 5th and Central, will act as the starting point with the end point at Scotty’s Pizza & Chicken. The walk is an easy mile and a half over a relatively flat distance. The route will take participants past the Chestnut Center, post office, library and the dragon sculpture on Veterans Parkway.

Don Patterson, a self-described hobbyist photographer in the Marshfield area, has attended several Photowalks in the past decade in places like Minneapolis, Stillwater, and La Crosse. There weren’t many walks nearby, so he decided to host one in Marshfield.

“Basically it’s a group of people who want to come together and take pictures,” he said. “It’s amazing when you walk around downtown, the things you can see.”

Walking past its historic buildings and antique shops with a camera, he’s noticed things that the casual passerby might miss, like interesting brick patterns. The Photowalk can help people look for things that aren’t ordinary, said Patterson.

Photographers, when they get together, can learn from each other and gain new perspective. Patterson has met well-known photographers at events like Photoshop World and gained insight from their experiences.

A fancy camera isn’t required to take part in the event. A camera phone, a simple point-and-shoot, or the latest equipment are all completely fine to bring and test out.

Patterson hopes that the Photowalk can pave the way for something more permanent, like a photo club, or simply get more people interested in the photography world. High school students are especially welcome, and there are special youth prizes for walkers 16 and under. See the organization’s website for rules.

The walk is free, but Worldwide Photowalk encourage donations to their chosen charity, the Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya, which according to the website “feeds, houses, educates, and empowers young orphans so that they can grow up to not just survive but succeed.” Every dollar donated goes directly to the orphanage.

Go to this website to register for the Marshfield walk and to see the great prizes that are available. Find some of Don Patterson’s photography at his Facebook page.