Bowling, Pool Leagues Popular During Cold Weather

Indoor Activities to Enjoy During Winter Months (or Year-Round!)

With fewer festivals and extremely low temperatures, many prefer to stay indoors during Wisconsin’s long, cold winters. Though there are many great outdoor recreation options, for those not wanting to face the cold there are also many indoor activities to enjoy.

One great option provided by many local businesses is indoor recreation leagues such as bowling, darts, or pool. All of those options give participants a chance to be a little competitive, meet up with friends, have some tasty snacks while they play, and just have a general good time.

To help those looking for a league to join, Explore has compiled some information on a few options in town. However, many establishments offer options so if a favorite hang out isn’t listed, don’t be afraid to ask about if they have any leagues running.

Heather Schlagenhaft currently participates in the Saturday Nite Out League at Rose Bowl Lanes, 1600 N. Central Ave. She has been bowling in the league since September and bowls every other weekend.

“This is the first year that my husband and I have done a bowling league but our other two teammates, they have done league in the past,” she said.

She enjoys the chance to get out and socialize.

“I enjoy the time that we get to spend with our friends and the new people that you get to meet when you bowl against other teams,” Schlagenhaft said.

Bowling serves as a nice wintertime distraction.

“I think it is a great option in the winter. We have found that in the winter it is harder to find activities that you can do with your friends or family since it is so cold in Wisconsin. This way, for three hours on a Saturday, we get to catch up, drink some beer, and bowl,” she said.

Rose Bowl offers a variety of league opportunities for both adults and young people.  They are currently offering a “Roll in the New Year” promotion that offers a Monday night bowling at 6:30 for two-person teams. It starts January 30.

poolThe Marshfield Pool League is currently an 8-ball winter pool league that rotates through different locations and concludes with a championship match on March 25 at Bakerville bar, 10631 County Road B.

There are also local places that run certain hours for free pool, which is an option if a player doesn’t want to commit to a league.

For those interested in darts, there is a local league called Marshfield 301 Open Dart League. This is another league that rotates locations throughout several bars in town. M & R Amusements and Vending coordinates that league and can be contacted at 715-387-4954 for more information.

Rose Bowl Lanes’ “Roll in the New Year”:

Where: Rose Bowl Lanes, 1600 N. Central Ave.
When: Monday Nights @ 6:30 p.m.
What: Two-person team, bowl two games
Cost: $10 each
Duration: 8 weeks regular bowling, 9th week 9 pin tap plus pizza party
Starts: January 30
For more info on other league options, check out website or Facebook page.

Pool League:

Marshfield Pool League
8-ball winter pool league, rotates locations
Championship on March 25 at Bakerville Bar, 10631 County Road B
For more information, visit

Free Pool Options:

501 Sports Bar, 501 S. Washington Ave.
All day, every day
Neighborhood Bar, 600 W. Blodgett St.

Jack’s Bar, 317 N. Central Ave.
Lefty’s Bar, 10723 County Road H

Mondays and Tuesdays:
Abare’s Bar, 9850 County Road Y

Dart League:

Marshfield 301 Open Dart League
Rotating locations
Coordinated by M & R Amusements and Vending
Phone: 715-387-4954