Small Business Spotlight – Discovery Education Station

Group of people launching small rockets
Mars Club

Discovery Education Station (DES) is located at 248 South Central Avenue in downtown Marshfield. They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that focuses on providing bringing STEM and STEA2M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Agriculture, and Math) programming to Marshfield.

(DES) began in 2020 after founder Linda Roehrborn Rodriguez, a Marshfield native, wanted to bring her training as a bio-oceanographer, a simulated astronaut with NASA, and an Air Force officer to her hometown.

“We are here for the community. We provide a safe place with inclusive programming for everyone. Our experienced staff and volunteers cater to ALL kids, including those with disabilities, homeschooling groups, and underprivileged families.”

-Linda Roehrborn Rodriguez, Founder of Discovery Education Station-

DES provides hands-on, experiential learning opportunities that cater to diverse learning styles and abilities through after-school clubs, camps, and various classes. The organization also offers family-oriented events that encourage parents and guardians to get involved in their children’s education and learn alongside them. This programming is designed to be fun and engaging while also teaching valuable skills that will be useful for years to come.

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Tia with the 3D Printers

Discovery Education Station is a vital organization that is making a significant impact on the lives of people in our community. Through their inclusive programming and commitment to STEM and STEA2M activities, DES is helping to bridge the gap in access to quality care and education for the community.

boy making art with pearler beads
Perler Beading

DES Needs Your Support

DES needs the community and city to support these awesome family-focused educational activities. Listed below are four ways that you can help so they can continue to share their passions with everyone.

boys with paper airplanes


Looking for a unique gift? DES has a retail store stocked with fun kits, books, science t-shirts, locally handmade products, and more all marked at competitively reasonable prices.


DES is in desperate need of volunteers now. With a wide range of opportunities, there is something for anyone who is looking to donate their time even if it’s just one hour.


DES is looking for sponsors for various events. If you or your business is looking for a way to give back contact DES today to learn more about the options they offer.


Help promote high-quality science, technology, engineering, art, agriculture and mathematics (STEA2M) education in our community. Your donations to Discovery Education Station will allow them to make an immediate difference in their classrooms and beyond.

Upcoming Events & Programming

These are just some of the fun that DES has to offer. You won’t want to miss out on the fun. Click the images to enlarge them and learn more.

Contact Discovery Education Station
Facebook: @discoveryedustation
Email: [email protected]
Call: 715-898-1196

Explore wants to thank Linda and everyone who works so hard at Discovery Education Station for all they do in our community, especially for families who need extra support.

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