Marsha Smrcka Hosts Fitness Program on Community Tv

New Fitness Program Debuts on MCTV

Marsha Smrcka, 3X Elite Top 200 Health Coach with Team Beachbody & founder of Team Fit4mation, has helped hundreds of people achieve a healthier lifestyle, and now she is taking her skills to the small screen.

As someone who spends her days supporting individuals on their health and fitness journey, Smrcka is excited to reach a broader audience through her new program on Marshfield Community Television (MCTV).

“I have always been passionate about the health of our community, and was hosting group fitness classes, but it became an issue coordinating schedules and finding both a location as well as a common time for people to get together,” said Smrcka. “The other obstacle I was running into was people’s comfort level of working out in a group setting.”

Those looking to work out to Smrkca’s routines can now do so in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

“It takes some of the biggest excuses and challenges out of the equation,” said Smrkca. “It is my hope that viewers are able to follow along to the routines, modify as needed, and feel like they did something once they finish the segment to earn their shower…and keep coming back for more!”

Each episode features a different workout, making it fun for beginners and providing variety for those who are already active. There is even a program designed especially for children.

“Probably my favorite episode is the children’s show,” said Smrcka. “Getting my kids involved with the project gave them a sense of empowerment and accomplishment, and I loved being able to put them in the spotlight. They have always been amazingly supporting of the work I do to help improve the health of our nation, and to have them be part of it directly was an incredibly special moment for me.”

Describing her experience in the fitness world so far as “incredible,” Smrcka is happy and honored to be making a local impact on people’s health through being a community producer on local television.

“I feel so incredibly honored to have the opportunity to do this project for our community so that I have another means to continue to help the health of our community through Marshfield Community TV,” said Smrcka. “It truly is a fun project to film!”

Smrcka hopes that viewers have just as much fun exercising along with the episodes as she did filming them, and is eager to see the program grow.

“I hope that people share it with others- their family, kids, friends and loved ones- so that they too are part of being part of the solution towards helping our community improve in regards to the condition of our health and activity level,” she said.

Future goals for the Fit4mation Show include continuing to film new episodes, such as a Yoga series and a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) style programming, as well as additional kids programming.

Smrcka will also be filming an add-on nutrition series to help viewers implement healthy eating options.

Tune into the Marsha Smrcka Fitness Show on MCTV (Charter 989), or online here.