Buck-A-Neer Supper Club Introducing New Owner Ariel Gorst with Special Event

Sept. 5 Event Includes Prizes, Specials

Well-known server Ariel Gorst is now part of the ownership team at Buck-A-Neer Supper Club. The five-time Best Waitress winner is excited to step into new responsibilities.

“I’ve always wanted my own restaurant,” she said.

A special event to introduce Ariel and celebrate her joining the team will take place Thursday, September 5 starting 4 p.m. Enjoy $2 off appetizers and a special drink, “Summer in a Cup,” for $4. Also come for the chance to win the “Be a Bartender” door prize.

“I’m hoping that everyone’s going to have fun, socialize, and bring an appetite!” she said.

Buck-A-Neer Supper Club is located at 122923 County Rd C in Stratford. Try out the new pub menu which includes chicken wings, gyros, gator bites and more.

Ariel Gorst Joins Ownership at Buck-A-Neer Supper Club