Nitrogen-Made Ice Cream Coming to Marshfield

Submitted by Thomas Belongia. Milkster Nitrogen Creamery.

Creamery Only One of Its Kind in Wisconsin

Imagine ordering a cup of ice cream and watching it appear in a cloud of smoke right before your eyes.

It’s not magic, though — it’s liquid nitrogen.

When Michigan-based Milkster Nitrogen Creamery sets up shop inside the Marshfield Biggby Coffee location, it will be the only ice cream shop of its kind in the state, said Biggby owner Tom Belongia. That’s because Milkster uses liquid nitrogen to transform cream and sugar into ice cream, all in less than two minutes from ordering time.

“It’s dessert and a show,” said Belongia.

Smoke rises out of the mixing bowl. Submitted photo. Milkster Nitrogen Creamery.

Because the nitrogen pushes out the air, the ice cream forms without any ice crystals, making it smoother and creamier than traditionally made kinds. “It’s going to be the freshest ice cream you’re ever going to get,” he said. “This is literally made right in front of you.”

The ingredients are tossed together in a mixing bowl, and smoke rises out when the liquid nitrogen is added. While customers will be able to get ice cream through the drive-through, he recommends coming inside to see the magic.

Belongia got involved with Milkster after the creamery, based inside other Biggby locations mostly in Michigan, began reaching out to owners for a franchise opportunity. “I went and tried the products,” he said. “It’s kind of amazing, so I decided I needed to bring it out here. This really is a brand-new franchise and real branding concept.”

The owner of two other Biggby locations in Rib Mountain and Wausau, he decided that Marshfield was the ideal location to bring in Milkster. “There’s not a lot of ice cream on the north side of Marshfield,” he said. “And we have the space.”

Submitted photo. Milkster Nitrogen Creamery.

Belongia plans to use local suppliers to provide the dairy products. “Marshfield has some great dairies in it, so we‘re confident,” he said.

Because the ice cream is made fresh, there’s no need for preservatives, food colorings, or additives. “When you think of mint chip, you’re thinking of a green ice cream. The mint chip was kind of white,” he said. “I thought, this isn’t going to be a strong mint flavor, but when I put the spoon in and took the first bite, it was the most mint flavor I’ve ever had!” The company adds frozen mint leaves to the mixture, and the mixer shreds up the leaves.

Milkster Nitrogen Creamery, once it sets up inside Biggby, will be open during the coffee shop hours. Customers will be able to test a range of flavors, including a shot of espresso over vanilla bean, cookies and cream, mint chip, strawberry, biscotti, and banana Nutella.

“Anything you can think of we will have, or we have tried it,” Belongia said.

He predicts that “Dragon’s Breath” will be especially popular. There are four flavors to choose from, and when it’s chewed, it’s possible to breathe smoke.

The target opening for the new creamery will be the week of May 14. For updates, LIKE the Marshfield page at this link. More information on Milkster can be found at their website,

[Testing ‘Dragons Breath’]