MAPS to Host Rabies, Microchip, & Pet License Clinic

Marshfield Area Pet Shelter to Host Rabies, Microchip, & Pet License Clinic on January 14

In collaboration with Marshfield Police Department and Castlerock Veterinary Hospital, Marshfield Area Pet Shelter will host a Rabies, Microchip, and Pet License Clinic on Saturday, January 14 at their Adoption Center in Marshfield Mall.

“MAPS is hosting this clinic because we understand that it may be difficult for people to get their pets into the veterinarian due to time, cost, work schedule, etc,” said Kaitlin Loberg, CVT and Shelter Manager.

“We like to offer a cost effective and convenient opportunity for pet owners to complete possibly the three most important pet owner responsibilities. As a pet shelter we want to help provide the community with the resources to be excellent pet owners.”

Marshfield Police Department Ordinance Officer Bob Larsen describes the clinic as as “one-stop shop” for pet owners.

“You can get your rabies vaccination, a license as is required by law and/or city ordinance, and also choose to microchip your pet all in one convenient location,” he said. “With this design, more people may be apt to get a license since it’s all done at once.  And because a microchip is offered also at a reasonable price, more people may take advantage of that as well.”

Both pet licenses and rabies vaccinations are required by law, and a microchip is important because it is the best chance of reuniting a lost pet with its owner.

“A lot of people say their pet never goes outside or leaves the yard, but it is only never until the one day that it isn’t,” said Loberg. “It is a quick and relatively painless procedure that could potentially save your pet and your family a lot of pain and grief if your pet gets lost.”

Aside from being required by law, vaccinating a pet against rabies protects both the pet and its human family from tragedy. Even if a pet never sets foot outside, a rabies vaccination is essential.

“The CDC reports that the most common animal sent in to them for testing is a groundhog, so if your dog or cat likes to hunt things outside it is a definite possibility that they could be exposed to rabies,” said Loberg. “If your pet doesn’t go outside, it is still a possibility. If a bat flies into the house and your instinct-driven cat catches and kills it, there is a chance your cat is now carrying the rabies virus that is fatal in people.”maps_rmpl

Additionally, Loberg notes that if a pet bites someone (accidentally or not), because of the seriousness and fatality of rabies bites in humans, the CDC will sometimes recommends euthanasia of the pet if not vaccinated.

“For the safety of your pet, everyone in your household, and the community, rabies vaccination is a must,” she said.

Having pets licensed is also a necessity.

“First and foremost, it is a state law to license your dog(s).  It is a City of Marshfield Ordinance to license your cat(s),” said Larsen. “Secondly, by licensing your animals, it makes it easier to return the animal to the owner if it is found, with the license on it.”

Larsen adds that there are significant violations when people do not have their animals licensed, one being that an unlicensed pet can cost the owner $124 in fines.

“If you have just got the animal you have 30 days in which to license it,” he said. “It is required and obtaining a license is the law.”

An easy way to complete all three of these important pet requirements, pet-owners can bring their dog on a leash or cat in a carrier to MAPS’ clinic on January 14.

“MAPS relies on donations and all volunteer to make opportunities like this possible,” said Loberg. “We are also happy that the police department and Castlerock Veterinary Service are willing to also support and help us achieve this.”


MAPS Microchip, Rabies, & Pet Licensing Clinic

Saturday, January 14
Marshfield Mall

Please use Furniture & ApplianceMart entrance ONLY. Dogs must be on a leash. Cats must be in a carrier.

Bring cash/check for payment!


Rabies: $12
Microchip: $15
Pet Licenses:
(a) Neutered male dog – $8.00
(b) Neutered male cat or other animal – $6.00
(c) Un-neutered male dog – $16.00
(d) Un-neutered cat or other animal – $12.00
(e) Spayed female dog – $8.00
(f) Spayed female cat or other animal – $6.00
(g) Un-spayed female dog – $16.00
(h) Un-spayed female cat or other animal – $12.00
(i) Late fee – $5.00
per Municipal Code: Chapter 9, Article III, Sec 9-51