Fair Hosts a Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby at the Fair

While some might think the Central Wisconsin State Fair is winding down by Monday, it’s actually one of the most action-packed days. On Monday, September 5 at 6 p.m. the fair hosts a Demolition Derby, which is hosted by Action Auto Promotions, Inc.

AAPI owner Jerry Paulus is excited to bring the event to the Marshfield Fair once again this year, as he has for over 10 years.“It’s an action event and you will all kinds of thrills and spills. I have seen it all, it happens at Marshfield too. It’s all about action,” he said.His business hosts demolition derbies at fairs throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa and Marshfield is one of his favorite venues because it always has a nice crowd.“The grandstand is packed. It will be standing room only. It will be packed, it always is,” Paulus said.

For those of us that might not be entirely clear, a demolition derby is an event where different classes of cars go up against each other in an effort to crush their competitors and to come out as the victorious car. Monday’s derby will include the following classes: mid size, full size, truck and big wheel class.

Paulus said that the big wheel class, which is where kids go in heats against each other with their big wheels, is one of the crowd favorites.“It’s a crowd pleaser cause grandma and grandpa in the stands are watching the little ones, “ he said. And the kids participating get a kick out of the event too. “They bump into each other and laugh and giggle,” Paulus said. The big kid participants look forward to the derby also.

Eric Loiselle hopes to participate this weekend in the mid size car class. He and his friends have spent over two months getting the car ready. He hasn’t been able to participate in the last couple of years, so he is excited about this year. “Yes, I’m looking forward to it,” he said. “It’s been way past over due.” Those that want to enter a car into the derby can register the day of the event. The cost is $50 per car, $20 for a pit pass and $5 for a big wheel.

Paulus reminds participants that they need to follow the rules listed on Action Auto Promotions website and Facebook page for building the cars for the event. “You’ve got to have a level playing field. They have to all be built the same way. They can’t overbuild,” he said. Paulus suggests you stop down to take in all of the fun action even if you haven’t ever been to a demolition derby before. “It’s cars smashing each other up, it’s pretty simple & fun,” he said.

Where: Central Wisconsin State Fair Fairgrounds, 513 E. 17th St.
When: Monday, September 5 at 6 p.m.
Adults (ages 16 & up): $5.00 (with gate admission)
Children (ages 11-15): $1.00 (with gate admission)
Children (10 & under): FREE