Witness Clyde Wynia’s Iron Creations at Jurustic Park

Exploring Jurustic Park in Marshfield, WI

Witness the relics of the Iron Age at Jurustic Park. Located north of Marshfield at M222 Sugar Bush Lane, Jurustic is an informal gallery of around 200 rustic creations by local artist and retired attorney Clyde Wynia, many of whose sculptures and creations can be spotted around town.

The creatures inhabiting Clyde’s property were made from old farm machinery and other metal parts. The pieces are as unique as their creator. Expect porcupine pigs, pregnant turtles, and even a hobbit or two. The pieces range in size from small animals like frogs to a towering creature topped with a helicopter rotor blade. These creatures are both static and mobile—a yank of the chain can bring a dragon back to life.

Clyde describes himself as an amateur paleontologist rediscovering an iron species that used to inhabit the McMillan Marsh. These creatures died out in the mid-1800s when industry moved to the area. They were harvested and turned into machinery, while acid rain caused others to rust over. Luckily, Clyde has created many replicas of these creatures in addition to welding together the ones he digs up.

The Hobbit House on the property is home to the creations of Nancy Wynia, who sells her colorful glass creations and jewelry. A retired nurse, Nancy also processes natural fibers and makes life-size fabric sculptures.

Visits to Jurustic Park are free, but a small fee is charged for busloads. The park is open from 10 to 4:30pm most days. To make sure, call 715-387-1653. When visiting, be careful to respect the creatures: any misbehaving persons will be sat on by Oxide, the large metal watchdog.