MDA Marshfield Lock-Up Taking Place May 25

Blue Heron Brew Pub Hosting Muscular Dystrophy Association Fundraiser

Raise your bail and get out of jail! MDA Marshfield Lock-Up will be held on Thursday, May 25th at the Blue Heron Brew Pub. Benefiting the Muscular Dystrophy Association, willing participants will be held in “jail” while they aim for $2000 in bail money that will help families dealing with the muscle disease in Marathon County.

The money raised will go towards everyday needs for those suffering with Muscular Dystrophy (MD), a disease that causes muscles to weaken over time. These needs include flu shots, support groups, and summer camps for children. A portion will also go towards research for a cure that currently does not exist.

Participants in the Marshfield Lock-Up can expect to have a good time while raising money for the MD cause. Families living with the disease will be on hand to mingle while calls to friends and family can be made in order to come up with the bail money.

Murphy Maes is a Fundraising Coordinator for MDA and says it’s a popular and fun filled event that brings together businesses and the community.

“What’s great about the MDA Lock-Up is that the community and business leaders that are involved get the chance to network with other leaders in the community while also enjoying some great snacks and of course, raising money for a good cause,” she said.

On the reason for the $2000 goal, Maes said it’s a realistic number that serves a purpose.

“We set this goal at $2,000 because that is the cost to send one MDA child to MDA Summer Camp in Green Lake, WI at Pilgrim Center,” she said. “Each jailbird is given a professional fundraising coach to help them every step of the way with in their fundraising efforts. People will be pleasantly surprised on how much they can actually raise!”

Maes said the goal is to have 250 jailbirds. Over 200 participants are already signed up. To those that may be hesitant to jump in, Maes added that all is takes is to ask someone to donate.

“Set a small goal for yourself, and once you achieve that, make another goal! We tell jailbirds to start out raising $100. Ask 4 people for 25 dollars and you’re already there!” she said.

To sign up and/or donate, visit Fundraising can be started immediately and those that get a jump on it early, tend to have the most success. Donations can be brought to the Brew Pub on the evening of May 25th.