MAPS Pet of the Month – Selleck


The MAPS (Marshfield Area Pet Shelter) pet of the month is Selleck.

Meet Selleck, the perfect kitty who just wants to be hugged all day, every day. This senior cat is one of the sweetest and most loving felines you’ll ever meet. Despite being an older guy, Selleck still has plenty of love to give, but unfortunately, his age and health issues have made it difficult for him to find a forever home.

Selleck is not too fond of other animals, but that’s okay because he’s the best snuggler you’ll ever meet. He will make sure that you are never lonely or sad, and his affectionate nature will melt your heart. Selleck may not hear very well, but he makes up for it with his strong sense of love and loyalty.

One thing that has made it challenging for Selleck to get adopted is his kidney issues. He can’t promise how many years he has left, but what he can guarantee is that he will fill your life with more love than you can imagine. If you’re willing to give him the love and care he deserves, Selleck will make sure that every day you spend together is full of happiness and joy.

Selleck’s age and health issues should not deter you from adopting him. Every cat deserves a loving home, regardless of their age or health. In fact, adopting an older cat like Selleck can be incredibly rewarding, as they often have a lot of love to give and can make wonderful companions.

If you’re interested in giving Selleck the forever home he deserves, don’t hesitate to apply for a visit. Spend some time with this loving cat, and you’ll see why he deserves a chance at a happy life. Selleck may be older and have some health issues, but he’s still the perfect kitty for anyone looking for a loyal and affectionate companion.

Animal ID 51591509
Species Cat
Breed Domestic Longhair/Mix
Age 10 years 5 months 8 days
Gender Male
Size Medium
Color Orange
Declawed Yes
Site Marshfield Area Pet Shelter
Intake Date 4/1/2023
Adoption Price $50.00


Adoption applications can be found at:

All MAPS animals are vet examined, spayed/neutered, and microchipped. If old enough, they receive routine vaccinations. FELV test is available upon request.