Explore the Mill Creek Bike Trail on Marshfield’s South Side

A bike and walking trail on the south side of Marshfield is not only a retreat from the city but a path through its history.

The Mill Creek trail off of 29th Street winds its way through a well field dating to 1922, when Marshfield Utilities purchased 120 acres and drilled six wells to provide water to city residents.

Today, some of those wells are still in use nearly a hundred years later and the area remains protected to keep the water clear of pollutants.

The trail is wide enough to accommodate two paths of traffic. While not long, Mill Creek Trail is a strategic path from the south end of the city to the Mill Creek Business Park, which boasts its own enjoyable walking paths, and into the countryside.

Bridges add an interesting element, and a handy bench halfway along providing a respite to sit and enjoy the frog chorus nearby. Garbage cans placed at the ends add convenience for dog walkers.