Serenity Designs, the work of Paul Simm, offers a selection of metal art, powder coating, and ceramic coating. Those looking to create a unique sign of their own design or to modify one of Simm’s existing templates are guaranteed a product that can withstand the elements. With a wide variety of signs available in stock, all designs can also be altered in size and be customized with names.

Maximizing their durability, signs are powder-coated- a method that involves baking on a finish that is significantly more durable than traditional paint and results in a long-lasting finish.

Simms also offers ceramic coating services, which is a liquid finish that is primarily baked to cure (for use in exhaust systems, headers and grills, or smokers). Made for temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, this method creates an excellent wear-resistant finish.

Serenity Designs can be found at 1703 South Central Avenue in Marshfield, and Simms often sells his metal art at local festivals and at the Wildwood Zoo Store.