‘Thoughts From a Tree Stand’ Recalls Local Childhood

Proceeds from New Book Help Children in Need

Written by a local author, Thoughts from a Tree Stand is a collection of short stories and poems started in 1984 and written over decades. The stories compile 49 years of wisdom from nature and enjoying God’s great wonders, as well as stories of childhood.

Living with ten brothers and sisters under a single mother in the small town of Abbotsford, author Joseph Lange remembers growing up poor.

“We had to occupy our time when we were little, and we were trying to be mountain men. We didn’t have anything,” he said. “I used to sit in tree stands and look at things, and then after I’d get home I’d write it down, because you’d see so much of God in [nature].”

Eventually, the writings would be enough to fill a book.

“My wife encouraged me to put them all together one day,” he said. “I thought she meant put them all together and toss them out.”

Instead, he sent out the manuscript to publishers, receiving rejections, until one asked to see more. The book was published in early August 2017.

Lange said the book has been well-received, and a second book is out in January, called Wisdom’s Harvest East of Smallville. Meanwhile, all proceeds from Treestand go toward various causes, including hunter education for kids who can’t afford it, and to Make a Wish so kids can have a Christmas, things he remembers growing up without.

“You’ve got to give it back,” said Lange. “I try to encourage kids that, it doesn’t matter if you grew up poor or not, you can accomplish whatever you want to accomplish.”

Thoughts from a Tree Stand can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.