The Store Hosting “Buy A Bone” Fundraiser for Pet Shelter in April

Buy a Paper Bone to Donate to Marshfield Area Pet Shelter

Starting April 1, customers at The Store locations can “Buy a Bone” to support Marshfield Area Pet Shelter (MAPS).

Twenty-five locations of The Store will be selling $1, $5 and $10 paper bones during the month of April, with funds raised at the Marshfield locations going to Marshfield Area Pet Shelter. Each bone can be personalized with the name of the donator or of a furry friend, and the paper bones are then put on display in The Store locations.

Started in 2010, the Buy A Bone campaign is designed to raise money to support area animal shelters and humane societies in counties/towns where The Store convenience stores are located.

​”The Buy a Bone campaign is a great example of people not having to make an extreme sacrifice, but still having a great impact on the lives of animals,” said Dianne Schalow, MAPS board member. “The reason that this works is that ​many people help with just a dollar or a few dollars at a time.”

The key to the campaign’s success is the support of many in the community. “Great things are done because a lot people care,” said Schalow. “People who donate to help organizations like ours should feel very proud that they have helped make a difference in their community.”

Little by little, contributions added up. MAPS accepted a check last May for $2,675, an amount which helps support local animal’s needs. “That is a huge amount of money,” said Schalow. “There are a lot of dogs and cats that can be cared for.”

Money raised from the fundraiser supports employees, spaying and neutering, vaccinations, microchipping, and general care for the animals. “We have a lot of animals that come in sick,” Schalow added. “They need medicine and many times a trip to the veterinarian.”

New this year are limited-edition paw print travel mugs for only $5.99, with $1 donated to the shelter with each purchase.

“We would like to thank Team Schierl Companies for their generosity in running this campaign every year for their local humane societies, and all the people who buy a bone to contribute to a great cause,” said Schalow. “Just one dollar may not seem like much, but when a whole community comes together with their ‘just one dollar,’ the money adds up quickly.”

Visit The Store locations (1304 S Central Ave and 1505 W McMillan St) throughout the month of April to “Buy a Bone” for MAPS.