Rotary Winter Wonderland Trending Short of Goal

Rotary Winter Wonderland Seeks Donations to Achieve Goal, Help Local Food Pantries

With just nine nights left for this season, Rotary Winter Wonderland is tracking about $10,000 and 10,000 cans short of their goals.

“With the harsh temperatures this past several days, the number of folks coming down was down. Thus, the donations of food and cash as well,” said Dale Smith, Co-Chair of the Rotary Winter Wonderland Steering Committee.

Rotary Winter Wonderland supports 28 local food pantries with supplies and donations, and depends on the generosity of visitors for its success. A plea on the group’s Facebook page encourages visitors to “please bring a bag of groceries or place a cash donation in our bucket if you have the means to do so. Together, we will make a difference in the fight against hunger!”

As the temperatures continue to improve, Smith also encourages residents and visitors to take an opportunity to enjoy the lights and support local food pantries.

“The weather has improved and the need for donations is great,” he said. “With the extra day off for Christmas, now is a great time to come down and enjoy the lights. The Volunteers, Winter Wonderland Committee, and especially the Food Pantries will be grateful for your generosity. Best of all, you get to enjoy one of the best Christmas Light shows in the land.”

Help Rotary Winter Wonderland achieve their goals by visiting the display at Wildwood Park, open every night through December 31 from 5:00-9:00pm.