Recycling Important During the Holidays, Year-Round

All About Recycling In Marshfield

Now that the holidays are wrapping up and the holiday daze is starting to dissipate, the next question might be: how do I get my house back in order?

Most people have to dispose of trees, wreaths, boxes and even wrapping paper.

It’s important not to just “trash” items, but to recycle them properly.

Street Superintendent Mike Winch, who coordinates the recycling program for the City of Marshfield, agrees.

“Recycling is an important way of preserving our resources and keeps unnecessary items out of landfills. I feel it really doesn’t matter if it is a holiday or not, it is always important to recycle, “ he said

Since Marshfield offers curbside pick-up service, it is relatively easy for residents to choose recycling.

“Recycling is a curbside pick-up service that is contracted out and is picked up the same day at the garbage. Residents are asked to use a recycle bin for their recyclables and our program is co-mingled, which means paper, glass, metal and plastic can all go in the same bin,” Winch said.

Residents that want to dispose of their trees can do so on normal garbage pick-up days during the week of January 2 -6 and again the week of January 16-20.

Winch reminds residents to “remember to remove all lights, Christmas ornaments and stand before setting it curbside.”

Some residents might wonder whether they can also recycle their holiday wreath.

“A Christmas wreath is not recyclable because of the metal frame it is on, but Christmas trees are recyclable,” Winch said.

While the local recycling program is pretty simple, those that have more questions about the do’s and don’ts can refer to the recycling brochure. Winch said they are available at several Marshfield locations, online, or residents can call the Street Division and request a brochure.

Winch said that one common mistake is putting out recyclables in a cardboard box instead of the requested reusable container such as plastic tote.

For more information on recycling, especially holiday items, visit the recycling program tab on the City of Marshfield website.