A Permanent and Personal Valentine’s Day Alternative

Custom Prints a Lasting Gift Perfect for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just three weeks away, sales of flowers, chocolates, and cards are about to rise. For those couples looking for a gift more personal and permanent, Premier Printing offers a plethora of creative options.

Offering everything from canvas, photo, and poster prints to vinyl wall coverings and custom apparel, a personalized gift is as easy as contacting the local printing company.

“We walk you through the entire process,” said Lindsey Rasmussen, Operations Manager at Premier Printing. “If you come in with an idea, we can help perfect it. We’ll let you know what will look good for the results you want.”

Whether a physical photo or a digital file, Premier can use both to create custom gifts. Their talented graphic artists can also assist with unique designs or photo retouching.

One example of a canvas print from Premier, featuring Ruth & Gary Elderbrook.

“We offer graphic design if you’re looking for a collage poster to be put together or need to turn that old photo to look like it was just taken yesterday,” said Rasmussen. “Templates and samples are ready for you anytime. And of course, we send you digital proof before it goes to print.”

While a bouquet of roses will eventually wilt and die, a custom print lasts forever- and costs about the same. Additionally, a personalized gift shows extra thoughtfulness.

“Anytime someone takes time out of their schedule to put together something personal or custom for you, it makes you feel special,” said Rasmussen. “Everyone is busy, so taking that extra time instead of just swinging into the store and grabbing a card and flowers says a lot.”

Turnaround is approximately five business days, so orders should be placed soon to meet a Valentine’s Day deadline.

Added Rasmussen, “Who doesn’t like getting a special moment printed and framed to display? Whether at home or work, it takes us back to that moment and how special it was.”