Marshfield Utilities Holding Customer Appreciation May 7

Marshfield Utilities will hold a Customer Appreciation brat fry in the parking lot on May 7 from 11-2.

Each person receives a frisbee as a plate and customers can answer water trivia questions and win prizes, such as reusable drinking straws.

“With all of our logo giveaways, we try to focus on items that are recyclable or reusable,” Melissa Barnes, Human Resources Manager. “We have purchased a water drop-shaped cookie cutter, and Festival Foods bakery department will be making frosted sugar cookies for us to give out at the brat fry too.”

The event also celebrates National Drinking Water Week, celebrated by water professionals nationwide. “The idea is to celebrate and recognize the vital role water plays in our daily lives,” said Barnes. “Over the years, we have done many different things to celebrate this week. This year, we felt a customer appreciation event would be a nice way to give back to the community.”

Marshfield Utilities will display the winners of the area elementary school art contest, one from each grade, in the main lobby.

The event is held at 2000 S. Central Ave. rain or shine. Overflow parking is available in the Hefko pool loop.