Marshfield High School Presents “Spamalot”

Musical Comedy “Spamalot” Coming to MHS Stage in April

(Explore is excited to showcase the work of the Marshfield High School journalism club! This article comes from junior and editor, Bailey Cichon.)

Slapstick humor, impressive dance numbers, and fast paced jokes are all elements of Monty Python’s “Spamalot” which will be put on by the Marshfield High School Drama Club this April.

“Spamalot is based off of the classic film ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’. It tells the story of King Arthur and his quest to find the Holy Grail—in musical form,” explained sophomore Zachary Iniguez. “It’s very lighthearted and a lot of fun.”

From ‘fish schlapping’ to stilt walking, Spamalot will be an entertaining show for theatre lovers and casual audience members alike.

Maisie Cramer, who will play The Lady of the Lake, added, “Even if you don’t like musicals, you will definitely still enjoy this show. The music is [added in the show] for comedy.”

“It’s unlike any production we’ve ever done,” said senior McKensey Koran. “We have so many big dance numbers this year. And there’re so many colorful characters! Not one character is like the other.”

“We’re trying things we’ve never tried before,” said Cramer. The MHS Set Crew has been putting together an elaborate set and playing with new special effects to dazzle the audience with. The actors wouldn’t reveal too much, but they claim that Spamalot will be a show to remember on the MHS stage.

“You don’t want to miss out on any of the experience,” added Iniguez, who will play Prince Herbert.

“I highly recommend that people come to this show. The past shows that we’ve performed here have been dramas. This is one of the first productions [in a while] that has humor,” said Brannan Drowatzky, who will play Sir Lancelot. “It’s going to get the whole crowd laughing.”

“If you want to laugh and cry and enjoy theatre all at the same time, come and see the show,” added Koran.

“We’ve been working so very hard to put this together and there’s nothing we love more than seeing the joy on people’s faces when they come to see a show,” concluded Iniguez. “Most of these actors are kids who want to go into the performing arts and it would just mean so much to all of us to see as many people as we could come see the show.”

Spamalot will run from Thursday April 6th until Saturday April 8th with showtimes at 7:30 each night. Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students and seniors 55+ (with valid identification). Tickets are available at the MHS main office and online at