Market on Sixth Wine Down Fridays

Market on Sixth Wine Down Fridays

This local event is the perfect way to spend your Friday evenings…it says so right  in the name: Wine Down Fridays.

Every Friday from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m. you can go to Market on Sixth, 113 W 6th St., and relax on the patio during Wine Down Fridays.

“Wine Down Fridays are an opportunity for people to come “wine down” after the work week. As long as weather is good, our beautiful and peaceful patio is open for great outdoor seating. We offer chilled wines for hot summer days and cheeseboards for a great wine accompaniment,” said Store Manager Jasper Graap.

And, even better the event isn’t expensive!

“There is no cost to attend. Any bottle of wine in the shop is available but we specifically pick out wines and make special cheeseboard sampler for each Wine Down,” Graap said.

Market on Sixth is loving how their customers have responded to the fun, new event this summer.

“Our customers have truly embraced this new weekly event. We have weekly regulars and also a variety of new faces every week,” he said.

That is why they expanded the offering, which was originally planned to only go through the end of August. Market on Sixth exclusively told “Explore” that they will be expanding the event through the month of September!

So, if you haven’t gotten a chance to stop down yet…there are still many opportunities to Wine Down this season!

Graap hopes residents stop down to experience the event because he think it is truly unique.Wine-down-Friday

“We create an atmosphere that can’t be beat. Our patio is beautiful and peaceful. We offer personal service to every customer. All of our employees have product knowledge. Its full service from start to finish while you relax and enjoy conversation and wine,” he said.

Explorers…if it has been an especially tough week, or you have accomplishments to celebrate…Market on Sixth is the perfect place to Wine Down this Friday.