The Maple Dude Sweetens Fall Fest Experience

Syrup Producer Offers Popular Maple Treats and More.

Maple Fall Fest at Wildwood Zoo brings out fall’s tastiest products, and true to its name, that means everything maple.

Rising to the demand this weekend is The Maple Dude, a maple syrup producer and store that’s making its third appearance at the festival.

“We’ll have basically something of everything, which includes of course maple syrup,” said owner Tim Sternitzky about the booth. “We’ll have maple candy, maple suckers, maple sugar, maple cream, maple cotton candy, and then we’ll also have the bison jerky, bison snack sticks, and summer sausage.”

The most popular item at Fall Fest is usually the maple cotton candy. “People like the flavor,” said Tim. Made with granulated maple sugar, the cotton candy is a natural alternative to the artificial flavors typically found in pink and blue varieties.

The Maple Dude booth will have samples of the summer sausage and snack sticks, and also the maple cream, which he said many people haven’t tried. Maple cream is a spread that can be used as a topping for toast, bagels, waffles.

Tim’s experience with maple syrup began at an early age. “I grew up on a farm and kind of got into the maple syrup production because my grandpa and my dad did it. They were involved at a hobby level,” he said. “I really liked it and I kind of got addicted to it.”

In the last ten years, Tim went beyond a hobby and increased his maple syrup production. A few years ago, he built the store near Granton and expanded beyond syrup, actually taking a three-day course in New York State to learn how to make other maple products, like the cotton candy.

“I took the ideas I learned there and brought them here,” he said.

The Maple Dude has its own maple trees, but it relies on raw sap from local landowners to keep up with production.

“I buy more every year,” Tim said, adding that people interested in selling sap are welcome to contact him. Those who want to get into maple production can find the equipment and supplies right at his store.

Although providing a variety of sweet products and meats, the most popular items in-store are the pints of maple syrup. Those who have liked the Facebook page can get a discount if they show their phone.

The Maple Dude
W1417 US Hwy 10, Granton, WI 54436
(715) 571-3329