Locally-Owned Weiler Convenience Store Adds to Deli Menu in 2020

Fresh Made Food Available at 5th Street Location

If fresh hamburger hot dish, homemade chicken noodle soup, hot BBQ ribs with beans, or fresh-never-frozen chicken sounds like a delicious lunch or dinner, locally-owned Weiler Convenience Store can help.

For deli manager Pam Curtis-Schneider, cooking up fresh menu items is a labor of love.

“We wanted to offer something new for customers in 2020 to mix it up,” she said. “I’m always working with the vendors to see what we can try. The customers don’t just want to have the same old thing all the time. And this time of year, they want something hearty.”

The lunch menu is available starting at 9:00am to accommodate early shifters, with Curtis-Schneider and the deli team staggering food items so that fresh meals are available from morning to late afternoon.

In 2020, several new menu items will be introduced, including Salisbury steak, chicken fried steak, BBQ ribs, and more surprises! Favorite staples like Chinese Tuesday, Lasagna Thursday, and Fish Fry Friday will continue, with all items fresh-made in store.

In the early mornings, Curtis-Schneider can be found in the kitchen, stirring a fresh pot of soup on the stove in preparation for the day. The delicious smells of home cooking waft throughout the building, as nearby workers and patrons begin to trickle in for hot helpings of pizza, chicken, salads, and the deli team’s daily offerings.

“I have two pots of hamburger hot dish on the stove right now,” she said. “They will all be gone by the afternoon!”

Weiler prides itself on offering a wide variety of fresh food throughout the year. Visit Weiler Convenience Store’s deli at 2401 E 5th Street to see what’s on the menu, and follow them on Facebook for menu updates.