Little Free Libraries: Doctor Who-Themed Library Transports Readers

Books Bigger on the Inside for Marshfield Resident

This article is part of a series on the passionate people behind the Little Free Libraries in Marshfield. A list of locations can be found here.

Fans of the long-running BBC series Doctor Who will enjoy a TARDIS-shaped Little Free Library.

Resident Darlene Berry decided to establish a library in her front yard several years ago after learning about the concept from a newspaper article.

“As a former English teacher, I like the concept of put and take, sharing reading experiences, and fostering literacy,” she said.

While the library isn’t bigger on the inside, the books stacked inside it are. “I knew I wanted the TARDIS of Doctor Who fame because of the concept that a TARDIS (like a book) is a lot bigger on the inside,” she said. “Books expand one’s mind and open our world to people, places, and ideas in a vicarious way.”

A friend, Irvin Gingrich, constructed the TARDIS and installed it in her yard. Berry stocked the library starting out, but now visitors keep the library full and swap out books. She enjoys seeing libraries in other places, and her own is just one of many popping up in Marshfield.

“We are lucky to have them spread around our town,” she said.