Lisa Boero Publishes New Novel

Local Author Publishes First Regency-Themed Novel, “The Richmond Thief”

Marshfield author Lisa Boero steps into the world of Regency England in her latest novel, “The Richmond Thief.”

Taking place in 1800’s England, the book stars newly widowed Lady Althea Trent, an amateur scientist intrigued by the Bow Street Runners, England’s first detectives.

“I am excited to introduce readers to an intelligent independent woman, Lady Althea Trent, who is ahead of her time in an incredibly male-dominated world. I think her struggles will resonate with my readers and they will want to see how Althea triumphs in life and maybe even in love.”

During a trip to London, where she hopes to be admitted to the all-male Royal Society, Althea becomes intertwined in the enigma of the Richmond Thief, a jewel-stealing criminal. Mystery, romance, and adventure ensue after Althea’s London host becomes a victim of the thief and she teams up with the Duke of Norwich to help unravel the mystery.

Readers can expect the same intelligent humor, interesting characters, and exciting plot in The Richmond Thief that they have found in Nerdy Girls and Hell Made Easy.

“If they like those books, they will like The Richmond Thief,” said Boero. “This book has been percolating in my brain for a long time and combines two of my interests – Jane Austen and Forensic Files – in a fun, light historical mystery.”

A self-proclaimed history nut, Boero has an “obsessive” interest in social history and how people lived in the past.

“I have spent years reading about England in the age of Jane Austen and thought that, as with my Nerdy Girls or Hell Made Easy books, I wouldn’t have to do much additional research. That turned out to be wrong!” she said. “It is one thing to read about history, but it is another to create a historical world, and so I had to do a lot more work in order to make this book feel and sound right.”

Taking advantage of a recent family vacation to England, Boero scouted locations in London and researched other issues related to the book.

“I hope that all of that work has paid off and that readers will feel like they have stepped back in time,” she said. “This book has been a pleasure to write and so I hope it will be an equal pleasure to read.”

An avid Jane Austen fan, Boero also relished the opportunity to create a book modeled after one of her favorite authors.

“I think Jane Austen fans only have one complaint with her – that is that she wrote too few books,” she said. “We are always hoping to find books that recreate that Jane Austen experience for us, and so I thought writing one would help to fill that void. Needless to say, writing this book has been great fun.”

Boero is currently working on a sequel to The Richmond Thief, as well as subsequent stories in her Nerdy Girls and Hell Made Easy series.

“Each book brings something new. I love the Nerdy Girls series because I love interpreting my own experiences through the filter of Liz Howe. I love Hell Made Easy because I love creating stories with dark humor. And I love The Richmond Thief because it allows me to explore my historical and scientific interests,” she said. “They are all my favorites!”

Update from Lisa on 6/26/17: The ebook was been doing so well that Kindle Press has picked up the ebook rights and will be republishing the book as a Kindle Press title! She will still have the physical book rights so will be able to keep it in local bookstores, etc.