Kids from WI Program

Explore Marshfield – Kids from WI Program

An entertainment tradition that extends back nearly 50 years, the “Kids from Wisconsin” program began as a musical production created for Wisconsin’s talented youth back in 1969 and continues into today. Performing a diverse repertoire of morale-boosting musical entertainment for audiences of all ages, Kids from Wisconsin presents top-notch entertainment to more than 100,000 people every summer.

On Sunday, July 10, the show comes to Marshfield. Featuring two Marshfield natives- Jared Coffren and Katelyn Gauerke – the program will be begin at 7:00pm at the MHS auditorium, and will include a pre-show performance by the Main Street Conservatory of Dance beginning at 6:40pm.

See an interview with Jared and Katelyn on MCTV:

Proud to be among some of Wisconsin’s most talented performers ages 15-20, Coffren and Gauerke are excited to bring their traveling show to their hometown.

“For both Katelyn and I, the best part is being able to work with talented musicians to put together a full two-hour show,” said Coffren. “On top of that, we will have the unique opportunity to share the show with thousands of people throughout this summer.”

Coffren encourages everyone to attend on July 11.

“The Marshfield community doesn’t always have the opportunity to see large professional groups like the Kids from Wisconsin perform in town,” said Coffren. “Being able to see a live show is such an amazing opportunity for anyone to enjoy.”

In addition to being a great show, the performance will also benefit the MHS Music Booster Club, which will help to provide more resources for the Music Department and the Music Students at the High School.

“This year’s show includes music for all generations: Stevie Wonder, Elvis, Stars and Stripes, MTV Hits, Classic TV Themes, and so much more,” said Coffren. “We are proud to be representing the Marshfield Community, and we hope that we can have a sold out audience on July 10th.”

For tickets, visit or stop in at the MHS Office. Tickets are $15 ($10 for students).