India Festival

Mother Teresa Celebration India Festival

Would you love a chance to experience some authentic culture from India but are lacking the time for a trip? This weekend you have a chance to do just that and you don’t even have to leave the borders of our fair city.

This weekend the local group India Mission Joy is offering a unique cultural experience and a chance to contribute to a worthy cause by hosting the India Festival/Mother Teresa Celebration.

The group’s president Dennis Boucher hopes community members will stop at the event which is hosted August 27 from 4:30 – 7 p.m. at Marshfield High School, 1401 Becker Road and enjoy the chance to experience culture, food, dancing and more from India.

Attendees will enjoy a variety of items including an authentic meal catered in from the Twin Cities, dancing demonstrations, workshops and booths on topics relating to Indian culture.

India Mission Joy is hosting the festival in an effort to raise funds to help their goals of helping in India when they travel there this January.

“Money that is raised at the celebration will be used to fund projects that the group is working on in southern India.  The projects consist of putting restrooms in the high school in Kokkudy, new restrooms in the St. Joseph’s Convent Orphanage, a well in Kokkudy and a bridge to the cemetery,” Boucher said.

While this is the first year the group is hosting the festival, it is not the first time the group has travelled to India to help.

“Past projects in India that the group worked on was building a computer room along with the computers and printers in Kokkudy, help with the new high school and a generator for the orphanage just to mention a few, “ he said.

The group consists of 24 individuals that will be travelling in January. Not only will they be working on the volunteer projects, but will also be taking in some of the significant sights in India.

“They will be flying into Calcutta where they will be visiting the tomb of Mother Teresa and also visiting the Mother Teresa orphanage.   In addition to visiting Calcutta, the group will be going to New Delia, Bombay, Madras and the southern parts of India,” Boucher said.

Tickets for the event are available at the door or in advance at Hiller’s True Value Hardware, 751 S. Central Ave. For more information about the event or India Mission Joy, contact Dennis at 715-305-1960.

Location: Marshfield High School, 1401 E. Becker Rd.
Date: August 27, 2016
Cost: $15 Adults, $6 Kids under 10
4:30-6pm – Meal Buffet
Description of the meal: Meal will be buffet style and the menu consist of: Chicken Briyani, Tandoory Chicken, Rice, Potato Cauliflower Fry, Naan, Curd and much more.

6-7pm – Indian Dancers from Marshfield, Stevens Point, Chicago and the Twin Cities

• Bollywood Dance Instruction 4:30-5pm
• Yoga Instruction 5-5:30pm
• Indian Spices 5:30-6pm
• Indian Wedding
BOOTHS: Ongoing events from 4pm to 6:30pm
• Indian Clothing, India Spices, Henna Painting (donation),Photo Booth – Dress up in Indian Apparel (donation)
• Trip 2017 Information
• Upcoming Goals, India Mission Joy, Mother Teresa Presentation
• Kingfisher Beer Booth
• Silent Auction Items
• Indian Children’s Games Area . . . and so much more!