Hot Chocolate Taste Test

Tasting Coffeehouse Hot Chocolates

When the temperature dips to frigid levels in the wintertime, hot beverages are a staple. Popular with kids and adults alike is hot chocolate. Local coffeehouses use milk and whipped cream to create a creamy version of the mix-in-hot-water drink most are used to making at home. Stop by any of these coffeehouses in Marshfield for a cozy alternative to coffee or tea.

The Daily Grind

Located downtown, the Daily Grind is a favorite local spot and was voted Best Coffee Shop in 2017. Their hot chocolate is sweet and extra chocolatey, made with milk, and can be enjoyed either in-house or taken to-go. We recommend trying it with whipped cream; it’s fresh-tasting and delicious. A size small is a little over $2.

The Daily Grind also sells twelve-packet hot chocolate gift boxes with four different flavors: Raspberry, Creme Brulee, Caramel, and Supreme.


Coffee Cabin

A convenient drive-through located in the Shopko parking lot, the Coffee Cabin serves a small sized hot chocolate for just $1.75. Each drink comes with a shiny, chocolate-covered espresso bean, and can be topped with whipped cream if desired.

Made with steamed milk for a nice foamy texture, the hot chocolate has a more subtle chocolate flavor and is also a little less sweet than the other hot chocolates we tried. We wouldn’t mind getting this again.

Cattails Coffee

Situated inside the entrance to the Marshfield Clinic, Cattails Coffee is convenient for the large volume of foot traffic traveling through the complex to grab a coffee.

Made with Ghirardelli cocoa and chocolate milk, their hot chocolate has a rich brown color and an extra chocolatey taste without being too sweet. The optional whipped cream is fresh, dense, and delicious. For a small size, the price is $2.75 served in colorful disposable cup. This was our favorite hot chocolate of the three.