Helping Hearts of Marshfield Formed to Assist Needy

Helping Hearts Marshfield

New Facebook Group Connects People To Assistance

Nothing brings a community together like supporting those in need. Helping Hearts of Marshfield is a non-profit organization that aims to provide support to those getting back on their feet. Whether it’s through a diaper drive or searching for bunk beds, Helping Hearts is a centralized online location where people looking to give back can see what is being sought.

Newly established in 2017, Helping Hearts is led by Shelly Knudson, whose desire to help and ability to plan fundraising events made her a natural choice for the role.

Knudson credits the Frederick Ozanam Family Shelter for being her inspiration. Located right here in Marshfield, this family center is relatively unknown. It is able to house 84 people, many of them children. Knudson felt it was important to get the word out and help meet the needs of the people staying there.

“It was at the shelter I noticed many items the shelter was in need of,” said Knudson. “I quickly computed what this yearly cost of diapers alone could be from their budget, a staggering $10,000.”

With that thought in mind, Knudson arranged for a diaper drive to help out the shelter as well as the Hannah House, another safe place for families to stay.

The popularity of the diaper drive told Knudson and her team that there was a need for a non-profit to offer support to other organizations, without using up grant money that all could be competing for. Fundraising is critical for non-profits to survive and this is where Helping Hearts steps in.

“As someone who helps gather the things necessary so the money can go to keep the lights on at some places, I see the intense value of these events,” said Knudson.

Knudson went on to say that the goal is to offer help and support to organizations, school, clergies; to help them attain the supplies they need or simply to help get the word out about what they are looking for.

Knowing that organizations such as the Frederick Ozanam Family Shelter exist is the first step. In a world where everyone is busy, Helping Hearts is a one stop page where what is needed in Marshfield is listed.

“Many people are too busy and would find it too bothersome to be calling all the local organizations or searching online for what these places need to see if they can find a good cause to give their items to. We bring the community together to lessen the financial and time burden while helping organizations and individuals.” she said.

Helping Hearts has a number of goals in mind as they move forward. Meeting the needs of the community without spending grant money is their primary focus. This leads to organizations having money to spend on equally important areas, such as utility bills and housing. Education is also crucial as the community needs to know what exists in their city.

Being a main point of contact for organizations looking for help is part of the plan. “We are not trying to replace the helping services or agencies in place. We want to build awareness of the needs many of our non-profits in the area have, assist them in meeting those, and assist the referred individuals with physical resource allocation.” added Knudson.

Helping Hearts mission statement is “Connecting the Helping Hearts of our community to the sources of need within”.

To see what is currently needed:
Email: [email protected]
Call: 715-486-5554