Exploring Pie in Marshfield

Taste-Testing Pie in Marshfield

Looking for a slice of pie, but don’t know what your options are?

Our Explore Pie Committee took up the unenviable task of taste-testing a variety of pies from around Marshfield. Creamy, fruity, nutty, chocolatey—we tried them all. Pair a slice with coffee and you have a nice afternoon snack, a rounded lunch, or a sumptuous breakfast. Slices range in price from $2-3.70 each.

Pies were rated between 1-5 (a score of 5 meaning “practically perfect”) in four categories. Presentation: Did it look good or have any decorative qualities? Crust: Was it flaky and did it have flavor? Filling: What was the texture, sweetness, and overall appeal? Flavor: Bottom line – how did it taste?

With these categories in mind, here are the results!

Walnut Pie from The Kitchen Table

Presentation – 4.5
Crust – 4.5
Filling – 4.5
Flavor – 4.5

Who knew a walnut could taste so good? The Pie Committee was wowed by the flavor of this homemade walnut pie from the Kitchen Table. A rich brown color and a crimped crust earned a high presentation score for this slice. The nuts were crunchy and packed with flavor, surrounded by sweetness. Though the restaurant sticks to walnut and cranberry walnut for its pies, no other flavor is needed with this on the menu.

Toll House Pie from A Slice of Heaven

Presentation – 4
Crust – 4.5
Filling – 4
Flavor – 5

Local caterer Ruth from A Slice of Heaven provided a rich Toll House pie made with ingredients you can find in your kitchen. Best of all, you can learn to make it on Ruth’s popular cooking show. The cookie-like pie earned a full 5 from the committee for the fresh flavor and sumptuous chocolate filling. The crust was flaky and full of flavor and the top a beautiful shade of brown. You can order this pie (or make it!) and find a full list of other flavors online at the A Slice of Heaven website.

Apple Pie from Perkins

Presentation – 3
Crust – 4
Filling – 5
Flavor – 4.5

Perkins definitely has a finger in the pie scene and their cream pies are divine, not to mention good-looking. Here we tried a fruit pie: classic apple for the fall season.

While the slice had fallen apart (earning a lower presentation score), the Pie Committee felt this apple pie had the right balance between crunchy apple and soft filling. The apples tasted crisp and tart, and the filling was a rich color dotted with spice. As far as apple pies go, Perkins’ was a balanced flavor—just tart enough and not too sweet. We wouldn’t mind picking one up for Thanksgiving.

Peach at Melody Gardens

Presentation – 3.5
Crust – 4
Filling – 4
Flavor – 4

Melody Gardens has the cheapest slice and boasts the largest variety in-house. Find cherry, peach, raspberry, blueberry, pumpkin, apple, lemon, chocolate, and more at the restaurant. Our slice had a definite peach flavor and the crust was crimped and decorated with a sprinkle of sugar. The filling was a little sloppy but a beautiful shade of orange. The bottom line: the slices here are an economical way to supplement your coffee and fulfill your pie craving.

Coconut Crème Pie at Central Café (JJ’s Bakery)

Note: JJ’s Bakery is now closed.

Presentation – 4.5
Crust – 3.5
Filling – 4.5
Flavor – 4.5

JJ’s Bakery on Chestnut Avenue supplies homemade pie to cozy restaurant Central Café. The case greets customers at the entrance with a large variety of fruit and cream pies. Our selection was the Coconut Crème, full of real coconut and decorated with whipped stars. The Pie Committee was impressed with the presentation and the very creamy, crunchy texture of the filling. Boasting just the right amount of sweetness, this pie is one we would definitely try again (and maybe a few of the others, too!)

Are there any other pies you’ve explored in Marshfield? Also check out our other food ratings and polls for cheese curds, fish fries, and soups!