El Mezcal Adds Street Tacos to Menu

El Mezcal - Street Tacos

El Mezcal is bringing the taste of Mexico to Marshfield with their new “Street Tacos.”

Diners can mix & match from different taco options, including Al Pastor (marinated pork), Carnitas (pulled pork), Chorizo (Mexican sausage), Lengua (cow tongue), and Carne Asada (grilled steak).

“We have a series of new food items at El Mezcal that were created to give our customers the joy of trying new things and these street tacos are just one of those,” said Andres Aguirre, general manager at El Mezcal in Marshfield. “I got the idea to serve them at El Mezcal because they are a popular traditional Mexican food.”

Different from regular tacos, street tacos are smaller so they can be enjoyed on-the-go, and are typically served on two corn tortillas. All tacos include cilantro & onion with homemade hot sauce and lime on the side.

“The homemade hot sauce is made fresh here at the restaurant,” said Aguirre. “I’ve been perfecting it and am excited for everyone to try it!”

The restaurant has also introduced authentic mojitos and micheladas — both popular drinks — and other menu items including Shrimp Vallarta, burrito bowls, and the Burrito Azteca.