Christmas Tree Pickup Dates and Waste Disposal Tips

(OnFocus) Christmas tree pickup will take place January 6-9 and January 20-23.

All wire, stands, plastic wrappings, and ornaments should be removed before placing on the curb by 6 a.m. in order for the tree to be picked up. Trees will be picked up separately from the garbage collection.

Christmas wreaths can be placed with regular refuse items and not with the tree.

Holiday Waste Disposal Tips from Advanced Disposal

Cans: Cans of cola and other aluminum or tin beverage and food containers are widely accepted at Advanced Disposal and third party recycling facilities. Be sure to rinse out the items and place in your bin or cart. Leftover food residue could contaminate an entire load of items making everything unrecyclable, so be sure to keep it clean.

Cards: While most greeting cards can be recycled, consider repurposing the ones that cannot. Upcycle cards by making paper crafts with them such as cutting out the designs to use them as gift tags or ornaments for next year’s holiday season.

Popcorn: Strings of popcorn and even tinsel garland are considered household waste. Place these items in your garbage containers for disposal. Other decorations like glass baubles are not recyclable as well. If any of your glass baubles break, carefully wrap and dispose in your trash bin. Plastic baubles are usually made from types of plastics that are likely to be covered with glitter which would negatively impact the recycling process as well.

Wrapping: Most paper wrappings can be reutilized, but not recycled. Placing items like gift wrap and tissue paper in the recycling bin is a common mistake people make around the holidays. Unfortunately, shiny or laminated paper is not recyclable. Placing it in the bin could contaminate the entire load. Instead, you can use wrapping paper to line drawers or bookcases, or even shred it for New Year’s Eve confetti.

Eggnog: Jugs for eggnog or other beverages labeled #1 or #2 are accepted by Advanced Disposal and third party recycling facilities. To confirm what other plastics are recyclable, check your local facility page for guidelines on the do’s and don’ts of plastics.

Stockings: Empty stockings and miscellaneous holiday décor would better serve its purpose by being donated or evenly traded. Ask friends, relatives or even research your area for barter and swapping sites to trade decorations. What’s old to you, could be new to someone else!

Bulbs: Burnt-out bulbs, specifically incandescent bulbs unfortunately are not accepted at most recycling centers. Since these bulbs don’t contain any toxic materials, odds are that you may have to simply throw these burnt-out bulbs into the trash. Some people suggest putting the bulbs into their original packaging or a small plastic bag before throwing them away, so the glass won’t shatter and hurt someone. Some hardware stores will recycle bulbs.

Sweaters: Ugly holiday-themed sweaters and other warm clothing can be donated to local organizations that serve your community. Many non-profits and churches will collect warm clothing and blankets during the winter months and hand out to those in need. Clothing is not an item collected in recycling bins or carts.

Bows: Gift wrap bows are not a recyclable material, but can be saved and easily reused for future presents. Gift boxes can be broken down and placed in bins or carts if small enough or cut down to am appropriate size. However, we also encourage saving and reusing your gift boxes.

Mistletoe: Kiss mistletoe goodbye and place it in your garbage can or yard waste container.

Wreaths: Large live wreaths that are free from embellishments and the wire rings are accepted as yard waste in areas where yard waste is collected. But first, make sure that yard season is in full swing before placing curbside. If not, this can be thrown away with other house hold waste.

Tree: Bare Christmas trees in Marshfield are collected curbside (see above). Be sure to remove all ornaments and decorative items to make your tree completely bare. Artificial trees cannot be recycled, and AD recycling facilities do not accept them. But, we do encourage that you donate them, if you are looking to dispose of them after the holidays.