Celebrate St Amand’s Day at Oven Above the Pub

Join in the February 6 St Amand’s Day Celebration  at Oven Above The Pub

Help celebrate the patron saint of brewers, innkeepers, bartenders, vine growers, vintners, merchants, and (for unknown reasons) Boy Scouts on February 6 at Oven Above The Pub’s St. Amand’s Day event.

A missionary monk, St. Amand lived and worked in the area now known as Belgium and France.

“We wanted to celebrate it because February is a long, cold, dark month in desperate need of a festive celebration,” said Paul Meier, Over Above The Pub owner. “We are interested in providing some unique foods, coupled with the opportunity of sampling from America’s trappist brewing company.”

Spencer Brewing, the only authorized Trappist brewery outside of Belgium and France, will be distributed at the event.

“To be a trappist brewery, the beer has to be approved by all trappist brewers and brewed by the monks themselves in an abbey to further the charitable work and support of the abbey,” explained Meier. “The event is also an opportunity to try something that is not easy to obtain, so the fact that we were able to get a hold of Spencer Brewing’s beer made us think that others might enjoy the beer with us.”

Those who share a love for good beer and beer history are sure to enjoy the event.

“It’s something different to do, and it’s in the middle of a long, cold, boring winter,” said Meier. “Ted Praxel (MASH Club Member) will take us on a visual tour of a number of trappist abbeys and breweries in Belgium, making this not only a social event, but an educational one as well.”

Patrons can participate by purchasing a ticket at the Brew Pub for the event, which includes a four-course meal, each course accompanied by 5 oz. of Blue Heron craft brew. In addition, participants can enjoy a bottle of Trappist Ale from St. Joseph’s Abbey in the United States. People are also welcome to dress up.

Tickets are $50 each and the event is limited to 40 guests. For more information call 715-389-1868.

“We hope to make this the beginning of a tradition at the Oven Above the Pub, so people should think of this as the first of many celebrations to be shared with friends and fellow beer-drinkers,” said Meier.