Band “RPM” Bringing the Party to Hub City Days

Photo Credit: Steve Hanzek

Veterans of Wisconsin Music Scene to Bring Fan-Favorite Music to Hub City Days

Entertaining live music lovers for decades, RPM has established itself as one of Wisconsin’s premier live music acts. A staple in northeast Wisconsin’s talented Fox Valley live entertainment scene, RPM has helped put this hotbed of musical talent on the map, both locally and regionally.

Though the first time playing in Marshfield, the band has played in and around central WI for many years, including at Stratford Heritage Days.

“We are very excited to be playing at Hub City Days!” said Mark Budwit, bandleader, drummer, and vocalist for RPM. “We have some great fans from the Central Wisconsin area and we are very excited when we get the chance to come back to see them!”

Photo Credit: Steve Hanzek

The audience can expect high-energy and fun music from a variety of favorite artists.

“We cover rock, pop, country and some other genres,” said Budwit. “We also do a few medleys from certain artists and genres that mix together all the hits in a ‘rapid fire’ style. A word of warning: you will find it very hard to sit still at a RPM show!”

Anyone looking for a fun time and great music is invited to attend.

“We offer something for everyone and every age. Whether you’re 10 years old or 75 or somewhere in between, you’re gonna have a great time and it would be a shame to hear from your friends who came to the party that you missed out on so much fun,” said Budwit.

Not only does the audience enjoy a great concert, but audience participation is part of the show.

“Don’t be surprised if we hand you a tambourine or a cowbell and ask you to play along with us,” said Budwit. “Or we may just jump off stage and come out with you in the crowd to perform! We also like to toss out our signature can koozies to audience members who look like they’re having lots of fun! We are going do whatever it takes to bring the party to Marshfield!”

Current line-up is Joe Perz (lead guitar, vocals), Dave Richter (lead vocals), John Groff III (keyboards, organ, trumpet, vocals), Mark Budwit (drums, vocals) and Shane LeSage (bass guitar, vocals).

Show starts at 7:00pm, goes until 11:00pm.

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