Back-To-School Shopping

Back-To-School Shopping

Like many moms this time of year I have my son’s school list staring at me in the face reminding me that I still need to do school shopping. (Please no judgments that I am way behind, life has been busy lately!)

Perhaps the easiest choice would be to hit one of the big box stores because I could likely find everything in one stop. And I am sure I will be doing some of my shopping at the larger stores like Target. But I also like to try to use my school shopping to give business to local places.

One of my first stops for school shopping will be Marshfield Book & Stationery, M111 W McMillan Street. If you are not familiar, they are a local business that offers office and school supplies. And while they might not have everything on your list, they have some fun specialty items like unique pens, fun paper, stickers, craft items, etc.

Book & Stationery is where I first discovered my love of pens…I still enjoy trying out all the different options on the little pads of paper.

Another great local option for school shopping is Kids Korner Clothes & More, 205 W. Upham Street. In fact, we have already stopped there for this school year. My big boy (5 years old) wanted an Under Armour® brand shirt. I personally feel like that is a bit much to pay for a silly little logo. Well, score! This year I found a brand-new Under Armour® shirt with the tag on it at the resale shop.

To be honest, I am still missing the days when he let me dress him in preppy little outfits of my choosing…but he is super stoked about my find. And I didn’t forget my little girl either! She ended up getting a cute jean dress with a sparkly Hello Kitty belt and matching headband. All of these “brand” items would have cost me much more if I had bought them new in one of the chain stores.

When I take my kids school shopping, I really like to make a fun day (or part of a day) of it, so we usually stop for treats. That is another great way to visit a local business. Some of my go to choices are stopping at Dairy Queen or one of the little bakeries like 2 ½ Cups Cupcakery and Bake Shop, 126 S. Central Ave. or JJ’s Bakery, 409 N. Chestnut Ave. Nothing like a little ice cream cone or cupcake to improve everyone’s mood and make a great memory. (Also great photo ops for the memory books!)

If you are still in my school shopping boat, good luck finding all the items on your lists. Hopefully, you can add a little local flair to some of your purchases!